Name Expertise Current Residence Nationality
YANG Yimin Average Dispute Resolution, Maritime Judicial Expertise Qingdao
YANG Yunfu Admiralty Law, Maritime Law, International Trade Law Guangzhou
YANG Yuntao Freight Forwarding, C/P HKSAR, Beijing
YANG Changchun International Transportation and Logistics Law, International Trade Law, Maritime Law Beijing
YAO Hongxiu B/L, C/P, Maritime Law Shanghai
YE Hongjun Laws and Policies on Carriage of Goods by Waterway Shanghai
YE Minghui Insurance Law, Marine Insurance Xiamen
Yin LiQi Investigation and Handling of Maritime Traffic Accidents, Emergency Salvage, Maritime Administration Tianjin
YOU Yong Mining, Real Estate, Corporate Law, Contract Law Beijing
YU Lemin International Trade, International M&A, Corporate Law Beijing
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