Name Expertise Current Residence Nationality
YU Shicheng Maritime Law, International Private Maritime Law Shanghai
YU Jianlong Contract Law, International Trade Law, Arbitration Law Beijing
YU Miaohong Maritime Law, International Trade Law, Marine Insurance Law, Private International Law Ningbo
ZHAI JUAN Carriage of Goods by Sea, Freight Forwarding and Logistics, C/P, Ship Finance, Sales & Purchases of Ships Hong Kong
ZHANG Gong International Law, Logistics Dalian
ZHANG Lin Aircraft Leasing, Ship Leasing, Cross-border Leasing Shanghai
ZHANG Min Admiralty & Maritime Guangzhou
ZHANG Shun International Trade Law, Contract Law Beijing
ZHANG Wei International Economic Law, Maritime Law, Arbitration and Mediation Ningbo
ZHANG Baoliang C/P, Oil Transportation by Tankers, P&I HKSAR
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